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First Friday Art Walk Ft. Elizabeth Moore Photography!

Friday June 6th will be our next First Friday Art Walk!

So be sure to stop by and enjoy the lovely photographs by Elizabeth Moore <3



My name is Elizabeth Moore, and I’m a professional photographer. I’ve had a camera in my hand since I can remember. From my Kodak Instamatic to my Nikon D600 and everything in-between, I’ve been trying to capture the beauty around me. Living in Montana makes that easy - there is a new subject around every corner. After finding a beautiful, little spread between Belt and Highwood, my husband, David and I followed our hearts and moved here from Austin, Texas in 2005. I discovered very quickly that nature photography would be my passion. Living in the country has afforded me great opportunities to observe wildlife in its habitat. With my images, I attempt to show how the creatures around us actually live and interact and each one’s individual personality. I also have discovered an attraction to photographing old structures, implements and automobiles. Each one tells its own story, and I feel that it’s important to remember our heritage.It still never ceases to amaze me that people actually want to purchase my photos, but it reinforces that I’m on the right track. I’ve been fortunate enough to be published in several magazines, including the “Montana Outdoor Magazine”, “Russell Country Travel Planner”, and “Central Montana Travel Planner”. I’ve had my work published in the latest booklet from the Convention and Visitors Bureau, and Advanced Litho uses my images every year in their desk calendars.



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