Exciting News! Belles and Lace is back in Great Falls! Tuxedo rentals, prom perfection and wedding wonders await. Save the date! it's time to elevate your fashion journey!

Stunning Bridal Gowns

Complete with a fun, laid-back experience.

Stunning Bridal Gowns

Complete with a fun, laid-back experience.
Belles and Lace Bridal, Chouteau, MT

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    Should I make an appointment?

    Yes. We love to give every bride the attention she deserves. So please email us or give us a call to make an appointment. Our appointment times are one hour, or an hour and a half. Please let us know which you would prefer and how many will be joining you.

    What should I bring?

    Take some time to browse magazines and blogs to get a general idea for what styles you are looking for. Help us help you! It is also helpful to bring undergarments of similar style to your wedding wear, also heels if you plan on wearing them. Have some fun! Do you hair, and bring clips to try different hairs styles in different gowns. Also keep the makeup light and hold off on the self-tanner, to help save our pretty white dresses.

    Are alterations included?

    We will order your dress as close to your size as possible, but most bridal gowns will need alterations. We do not offer alterations in our shop, but we do have a seamstress to refer you too. Or you can use your own if you have one you already go to.

    When should I order my dress?

    Dresses can take 4-6 months to produce, since they are being made order. When you factor in Alterations it can take much longer. We suggest starting to shop 6-9 Months before your wedding date. There are rush options, but rush fees do apply.

    How much do dresses cost?

    We have a range of prices. We recommend calling us or stopping by to inquire on specific pricing questions.

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